Bobrick’s Evolve Washroom Cubicles are a great choice for heavy traffic providing durability, a European style privacy and costs that won’t break the budget. Shopping centres, class B offices, locker rooms and stadiums can all benefit from the durability of the Evolve Cubicles.  Fully anodized aluminum frame with ½” Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors and fascia panels. With an ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class or B dependent on finish and overhead-braced, fully anodized aluminum framing system for strength. Built-in European-style privacy to eliminate sightlines and 72” single piece divider panels. Standard hardware on Evolve cubicles feature anodized aluminum hardware and fittings to provide privacy and functionality including a soft door closure mechanism, aluminum hook and occupancy indicator latch with emergency access release and a closing latch with hard nylon shear tip that locks into frame for extra strength.


Height Options

Standard 72” Door and panel with 9” floor clearance

Maximum 79 5/8” door, 80” panel and 1” floor clearance

Mounting Options

Evolve Standard Height Cubicles are available in a floor-anchored, overhead-braced installation with 9″ pedestals. Soft-close spring-loaded closing mechanism incorporated in pivot foot.
Evolve Max Cubicles are overhead-braced installation with soft-close mechanism incorporated into headrail. Patent pending. Evolve Max’s construction makes it ideal for shower applications

Evolve is also available in floor-anchored urinal screens to match your cubicle design.