DesignerSeries HPL

If budget is a concern consider the Bobrick DesignerSeries HPL. Available in a wide range of colours and finishes these toilet partitions feature standard steel core stiles for extra durability and are a good choice for high traffic, heavy use environments like mass transit, industrial facilities or universities. Meeting low-to-moderate budgets, the DesignerSeries HPL is impact and graffiti resistant and features 1″ High Pressure Laminate (HPL) doors, stiles and panels, an ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class B, standard steel core stiles and laminated HPL edges. With standard reduced gap of ± 3/32″ on hinge and keeper gaps and ½” to 1” wall gaps. Includes Bobrick’s standard Traditional Partitions stainless steel hardware package with concealed stainless steel barrel hinges that adjust for partial opening or self-closing, stainless steel brackets, latch and keeper and are covered by a 2-year limited warranty.

Dividers and screens for dressing compartments or urinal screens are available in in floor-anchored, post-to-ceiling, wall-hung and ceiling-hung styles to match cubicle styles.

DesignerSeries HPL

TrimLine Series HPL

The Bobrick TrimLine Series HPL 1030 gives low to moderate budget projects a durable and stylish solution to restroom renovation with durable standard steel cores and stylish stainless steel trimmed edges. School, office, transit and industrial environments will benefit from these rugged and cost-effective washroom partitions that stand up to high use. The TrimLine Series HPL features 1″ High Pressure Laminate (HPL) doors, stiles and panels that are impact and graffiti-resistant, ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class B, standard steel core stiles and stainless-steel edge trim. Partitions have standard reduced gap of ± 3/32″ at hinges and keepers and ½” to 1” wall gaps for privacy. Choose from a wide selection of colours and patterns, complimented by Bobrick’s Traditional Partitions stainless steel hardware package of standard concealed stainless steel barrel hinges, adjustable for partial opening or self-closing, brackets, latch and keeper and coat hook.

Dividers and screens are available in overhead-braced, floor-to-ceiling, post-to-ceiling, wall hung and ceiling-hung mountings to match the look of your washroom cubicles.

Bobrick Trimline Series
Bobrick Trimline Series

Metro & Classic Series HPL

When budget is the main concern, Bobrick’s MetroSeries 1550 and Classic Series 1540 make it easy to create a stylish and functional restroom.  Available in a wide range of colours, patterns and woodgrains, these toilet partitions can be matched with dressing compartment dividers and urinal screens to complete your restroom and can be mounted in floor-anchored, overhead-braced or ceiling-hung styles. Impact and graffiti-resistant washroom partitions have an ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class B with a 58”H door/panel and 12” floor clearance and gaps for hinge or keepers of ± 3/32″ with ½” to 1” wall gaps for privacy.

MetroSeries HPL Standard toilet partitions feature 1″ High Pressure Laminate (HPL) doors, stiles and panels with laminated HPL edge finish; standard concealed stainless-steel hardware; barrel hinges adjust for partial opening or self-closing; stainless steel brackets, latch and keeper and standard concealed stainless-steel hardware.

ClassicSeries HPL Standard toilet partitions feature 1″ High Pressure Laminate (HPL) doors, stiles and panels with laminated HPL edge finish and through-bolted Zamak hardware; polished, chrome-plated Zamak aluminum hinges, brackets, latch and keeper.

Hardware Options

  • Optimize your design with Through-Bolted Stainless-Steel hardware. 
  • Automatic Occupancy Indicator Sign by Peep No More™
Bobrick Metro Series HPL
Bobrick Classic Toilet Partition
Bobrick Classic Series



Height Options

Standard – 58” door/panel with 12” floor clearance

Maximum – 72” door/panel with 4 5/16” floor clearance

Hardware Options

Heavy duty full height stainless steel brackets

Occupancy Indicator Latch

Automatic Occupancy Indicator Sign by Peep No More™

Mounting Configurations

The DesignerSeries and TrimlineSeries HPL toilet partitions are available in Floor-Anchored, Overhead-Braced, Floor-to-Ceiling or Ceiling-Hung mounting styles.