Bobrick DuraLine Series

DuraLineSeries CGL is ideal for projects that demand optimized performance and design for project budgets, like education, transit, office and industrial facilities, and those that need toilet partitions engineered for wet and high traffic. Features polished black edge design in a wide variety of colours, patterns and woodgrains. Standard features include 3/4″ Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors and stiles with 1/2″ panels that are scratch, moisture, impact and graffiti-resistant for lasting beauty. With ASTME 84 Fire Rating: Class A or B. With standard Traditional Partitions stainless steel hardware package with concealed barrel hinges that adjust for partial opening or self closing, brackets, latch and keeper, coat hook, inswing door hardware and/or outswing door pull. Cubicle partitions feature Bobrick’s standard Reduced-Gap of 3/32” on keepers and hinges and ½” to 1” wall gaps. Gap-Free doors and stiles that interlock for a sightline-free design are available as an option. With a 25-year warranty.

DuraLine Series


Height Options

Standard 58″ with a 12″ floor clearance

Maximum 72″ with a 4 ⁵/₁₆” clearance, or

Extended 84″ to 96″ height with a 1″ floor clearance.


Heavy duty full height stainless steel brackets

Occupancy Indicator Latch (standard with Extended privacy)

Automatic Occupancy Indicator Sign by Peep No More™

Mounting Options



Floor to Ceiling

Ceiling Hung


Duraline Single Colours For Panels Up to 5 ft.
Duraline Single Colours For Panels Up to 6 ft.

Bobrick Evolve Series

Bobrick’s Evolve Washroom Cubicles are a great choice for heavy traffic providing durability, a European style privacy and costs that won’t break the budget. Shopping centres, class B offices, locker rooms and stadiums can all benefit from the durability of the Evolve Cubicles. Fully anodized aluminum frame with ½” Compact Grade Laminate (CGL) doors and fascia panels. With an ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class or B dependent on finish and overhead-braced, fully anodized aluminum framing system for strength. Built-in European-style privacy to eliminate sightlines and 72” single piece divider panels. Standard hardware on Evolve cubicles feature anodized aluminum hardware and fittings to provide privacy and functionality including a soft door closure mechanism, aluminum hook and occupancy indicator latch with emergency access release and a closing latch with hard nylon shear tip that locks into frame for extra strength.


Height Options

Standard 72” Door and panel with 9” floor clearance

Maximum 79 5/8” door, 80” panel and 1” floor clearance

Mounting Options

Evolve Standard Height Cubicles are available in a floor-anchored, overhead-braced installation with 9″ pedestals. Soft-close spring-loaded closing mechanism incorporated in pivot foot.

Evolve Max Cubicles are overhead-braced installation with soft-close mechanism incorporated into headrail. Patent pending. Evolve Max’s construction makes it ideal for shower applications

Evolve Urinal Screens are also  available in floor-anchored mounts to match your cubicle design.


Single Colours for Panels to 5 ft.
Single Colours for Panels to 6 ft.