The TrimLineSeries HPL features 1″ High Pressure Laminate (HPL) doors, stiles and panels that are impact and graffiti-resistant, ASTM E 84 Fire Rating: Class B, standard steel core stiles and stainless-steel edge trim. Partitions have standard reduced gap of ± 3/32″ at hinges and keepers and ½” to 1” wall gaps for privacy. Choose from a wide selection of colours and patterns, complimented by Bobrick’s Traditional Partitions stainless steel hardware package of standard concealed stainless steel barrel hinges, adjustable for partial opening or self-closing, brackets, latch and keeper and coat hook.


Height Options

Standard – 58” door/panel with 12” clearance

Maximum – 72” door/panel with 4 5/16” floor clearance

Hardware Options

Heavy duty full height stainless steel brackets

Occupancy Indicator Latch

Automatic Occupancy Indicator Sign by Peep No More™. 

Mounting Configurations

Partitions re available in Floor-Anchored, Overhead-braced, Floor-to-Ceiling, Ceiling-Hung


TrimLineSeries HPL is available in a wide range of colors, patterns and woodgrains.  

Dividers & Screens

TrimLineSeries dividers and screens are available in overhead-braced, floor-to-ceiling, post-to-ceiling, wall hung and ceiling-hung mountings to match the look of your washroom cubicles.