Bobrick 635 Klutch Mobile Device Holder

Guests will appreciate the convenience of the Klutch Mobile Device Holder. This wall-mounted holder is type 304 stainless steel with satin finish on front. This patented device holder features rubber banding on cradle and back plate to prevent the device from slipping out. Measures : 7-1/2″ (190mm) W x 9″ (229mm) H x 2-3/8″ (60mm) D.

Bobrick B-6727 Double Coat Hook

Ideal for use in homes, schools, community centres and more, the Bobrick Double Robe Hook keeps garments handy and organized. The contoured 4″ (100mm) wide bar forms hook at each end and is made of stainless steel with a satin finish. Flange is 2″ x 2″ (50 x 50mm). Projects 2 5/16″ (60mm) from wall.

B-983 Vandal-Resistant Clothes Hook
Bobrick B-983 Vandal-Resistant Clothes Hook

Reduce vandalism with the Bobrick Vandal-Resistant Clothes Hook. This type 304 satin-finish stainless steel book snaps down for safety if overloaded. Secures from front with tamper resistant mounting screws, included. Back plate is 14‑gauge (2mm), Measures: back plate 4″ W, 4″ H, 7⁄8″ D (100 x 100 x 20mm). Hook projects 1 1⁄4″ (30mm) from back plate.

Bobrick B-985 Vandal Resistant Coat Strip

Convenient Vandal-Resistant Hook Strip is the perfect choice for active environments like schools or staff rooms. The back plate is 14-gauge (2mm), type 304, satin-finish stainless steel and features four stainless steel hooks that snap down for safety if excessively loaded. Mounts with tamper-resistant mounting screws, included. Measures 18″ W, 5 1/2″ H, 7/8″ D (455 x 140 x 20mm), hooks project 1 1/4″ (30mm) from back plate.


Bobrick B-542 Coat Hook
Bobrick B-542 Coat Hook

This modern looking Coat Hook is a perfect addition to restrooms, entryways and more. Satin-finished stainless steel has threaded escutcheon to conceal mounting plate forming a snug fit to the wall. Measures: escutcheon 1-15⁄16″ (50mm) diameter, hook is 1⁄2″ H (13mm), projects 1-5⁄16″ (35mm). Also available in B-5426 Bright Polished Finish

B-682 Hat and Coat Hook
Bobrick 682 Coat/Hat Hook

The Bobrick B-682 Hat And Coat Hook is a stylish and convenient way keep organized. With a concealed wall plate in bright-polished stainless steel. Measures: flange 2″ x 2″ (50 x 50mm), hook 1″ W, 6 1/2″ H (25 x 165mm); projects 31/16″ (80mm) from wall.

Bobrick B-76717 Single Robe Hook

For individual rooms or for multiple guests, this Single Robe Hook in stainless steel with a satin finish keeps things organized. Flange is 2″ x 2″ (50 x 50mm). Hook is 1 5/8″ high, 13/16″ wide (40 x 20mm). Projects 1 5/8″ (40mm) from wall.

B-239 x 34 Shelf with Mop and Broom Holders and Hooks - Bobrick
Bobrick B-239 x 34 Shelf with Mop and Broom Holders and Hooks

Keep maintenance areas organized with Bobrick’s B-239×34 Shelf with Mop/Broom Holders and Hooks. The stainless steel, satin finished shelf features four hooks and three anti-slip mop holders to keep maintenance materials off the floor. Measures 34″ L x 13″ H.

Bobrick 2116 Heavy Duty Clothes Hook, Concealed Mounting

Locks to wall plate with three stainless steel setscrews for theft-resistant mounting. Hook and flange are one-piece brass casting with satin nickel-plated finish. Withstands 300 lbs (136 kg) downward pull. Measures: flange 2 3/4″ diameter (70mm), hook projects 3 7/16″ (85mm).

B-223 x 24 Mop and Broom Holder - Bobrick
Bobrick B-223 x 24 Mop and Broom Holder

Keep maintenance tools clean and tidy with the B223x24 Mop/Broom Holder. The type 304 stainless steel, satin finish holder features three anti-slip mop holders with spring-loaded rubber cams to grip handles 7/8″ to 1 1/4″ (20-30mm) diameter. Measures 24″ L (610mm) x 5″ H (125mm), projects 3 1/4″ (85mm) from wall.

ASI 0751-A Heavy Duty Robe Hook, Exposed Mounting

The ASI Heavy Duty Robe Hook is capable of supporting over 300 lb and features a concealed mounting. Fabricated of satin finished, chrome-plated brass with three 1/2-28 cone point stainless steel hex socket set screws for surface mounting. Projects 3 1/4″ (80 mm) from wall.

ASI 7312 Double Robe Hook

Provide plenty of space for hanging with this Double Robe Hook from ASI. Ideal for robes, clothing or small bags it features two hooks, set apart at 90° on center, extend 2-3⁄8″ (60 mm) from wall or door. Satin finish stainless steel.

Frost 1146 Stainless-Steel Coat Hook

Simple to install and maintain, the Frost 1146 Single Coat Hook is fabricated from 12 gauge (.1″) thick solid stainless steel, type 304 with a brushed finish. Hook end has a 1″ (2.54) radius with deburred edges. Measures: 1″ L x 1.375″ D x 7.5″ H (5cm L x 3.5cm W x 19.1cm H), weighs .05 lb (0.22 kg).




Frost 1150 – Safety Coat Hook
Frost 1150 Safety Coat Hook

The Frost Safety Coat Hook easily supports the weight of a coat or jacket, but heavier items slip right off. The spring-loaded coat hook won’t support weights exceeding 25 lb (11 kilo), so there’s no worries about vandalism. Made of type 304 stainless steel with #4 finish and epoxy coated 16 gauge stainless steel hook for a smooth burr-free edge that won’t snag garments. Measures 2″ D x 3″ W x 3″ H. Alternative colours available on special order.



Frost 1115 Janitorial Shelf, Broom/Mop Rack
Frost 1115 Janitorial Shelf, Broom/Mop Rack

Frost’s 1115 Janitorial Shelf provides a simple space-saving option for storing janitorial supplies. This wall-mounted janitor’s shelf is ideal for storing mops, brooms and other cleaning supplies in schools, airports, hospitals and more. Made from type 304, 20 gauge stainless steel with brushed finish, rack features three black rubber mop/broom holders, two pail holders and a convenient 36″ W shelf to hold cloths, rags and supplies. Measures 36″ W x 6″ H x 8″ D (91.4cm W x 15.2cm H x 20.3cm D), weighs 7.0 lb (3.2 kg).

Frost 1114 Broom/Mop Rack
Frost 1114 Broom/Mop Rack

Save space and organize your maintenance area with the 1114 Broom/Mop Rack. This wall-mounted rack is 36″ long and features 4 holders to keep mops and brooms handy. Durable, all-welded construction of 20 gauge, type 430 stainless steel with brushed finish. Capacity: 4 brooms/mops. Measures: 1.5″ D x 36″ W x 2.875″ H, weighs 2 lb (0.9 kg.). Custom sizes also available.

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