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    Spectrum 2 Tier Locker

    Two-Tier Locker, thick solid phenolic composite material shelves with ventilation holes, +/- 1/4″ (6 mm) thick solid composite material locker ...Read the rest

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    Spectrum 1 Tier Locker

    One-Tier Locker, thick solid phenolic composite material shelves with ventilation holes, +/- 1/4″ (6 mm) thick solid composite material locker ...Read the rest

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    Scranton Duralife Lockers

    Introducing Duralife Lockers – the only HDPE plastic school locker that is fully fire rated for your corridor application. Specially ...Read the rest

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    Scranton Tufftec Lockers

    Locker Solutions for Every Place & Purpose
    For each industry, Tufftec HDPE Plastic Lockers have a solution for every place and purpose. Select from a multitude of styles, configurations and interchangeable options to create customized lockers that meet the most demanding specifications and stand up to the most challenging environments

    Tufftec Lockers – where solid plastic construction meets good looks. We’ve combined the two to provide the perfect synergy of form and function. Engineered for strength and durability, HDPE withstands the harshest daily use and is low maintenance. Formulated from a homogenous color-throughout compound, Tufftec Plastic Lockers are the most durable, cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing products in the industry.

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    ASI Plastic Locker

    Plastic Lockers are ideal for indoor high-humidity applications, as these virtually maintenance-free lockers will never rust, rot, corrode or fade. ...Read the rest

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    ASI Phenolic Locker

    Phenolic Lockers are the material of choice when a high degree of design flexibility is desired or where durability and ...Read the rest

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    ASI Angle Frame Locker

    Angle Frame Lockers’ specially constructed angle frame provides the robust structural integrity needed to protect belongings in rough environments, including ...Read the rest

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    ASI Pro Locker

    The Pro Collection is specifically designed for applications that require easy access to uniforms and equipment. Select the configuration that ...Read the rest

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    ASI Competitor Locker

    The Competitor Collection offers ventilation and visibility combined with strength and visual appeal. This collection, available in one- through six-tier ...Read the rest

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    ASI Traditional Plus Locker

    With the same standard features as the Traditional line, the Traditional Plus Collection is intended for more rugged applications. Available ...Read the rest

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    ASI Traditional

    The Traditional Collection is our most widely distributed locker line. Offering the most value for typical locker applications, this collection ...Read the rest

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    Bradley Z-Locker

    “Z” Design is perfect for fitness center applications Multi-height storage keeps belongings from wrinkling NEW! XL Locker option offers 30% ...Read the rest