From durable options that can stand up to heavy use to prestigious looks for high-end designs, you’ll find a wide range of quality toilet partitions at Eastern Partitions. There are a variety of things to keep in mind when choosing washroom stalls; water resistance, maintenance, gaps, height, versatility and of course budget all impact your choice. 

Eastern Partitions carries a wide variety of materials and colours from leading manufacturers like Bobrick, Hadrian, ASI/Global and Scranton along with others. We are happy to help you choose the best options for your project and we can assist with design, planning and measurements to ensure you are OBC Compliant.

Gaps and height of panels, code compliance, materials; when choosing partitions there are plenty of decisions to make. Consider these basic areas when planning your washroom partition installation.

Environment – What kind of environment will the new site be in? Will it be exposed to high humidity or water? Will there be heavy traffic or lighter use? Are vandalism or graffiti a problem? Knowing these answers will help you make the best choice in materials, privacy and accessories.

Materials – Your partition material choice will be based on your environment, your design and ultimately your budget. A gym or rec center will want a product that can stand up to humidity and heavy use while an office building will have less wear and tear but may want a more upscale look, while the reno in the old church may even require some customization.  Let us help…..

ASI/Global Stainless Steel


ASI/Global Solid Plastic








Bradley Euro Style Float Series