Bobrick B-2300  Floor-Standing Dome-Top Waste Receptacle
Bobrick B-2300 Floor-Standing Dome-Top Waste Receptacle

This sleek satin-finish stainless steel Standing Dome Top Waste Receptacle makes managing waste easy. Black steel-dome top is removable and coated with a finger-resistant textured powder-coated finish for easier maintenance. With a 6″ (150mm) diameter opening for hygienic, no-touch disposal of waste. Galvanized steel liner has grommeted lift holes. Capacity: 18-gal. (68-L). Unit 15″ diameter, 31″ H (380 x 785mm).

B-2400 Floor-Standing Large Capacity Waste Receptacle
Bobrick B-2400 Floor-Standing Large Capacity Waste Receptacle

The sleek modern look of the B-2400 Standing Large Capacity Waste Receptacle adds style to the restroom. Satin-finish stainless steel waste bin has a removable funnel top with 8 1/4″ (210mm) diameter opening for no-touch disposal of waste. With a rigid plastic liner waste container with handle for easy upkeep and four heavy-duty rubber feet for stability. Capacity: 33-gal. (125-L). Unit 18 1/4″ diameter, 32″ high (465 x 815mm).

Bobrick 3644 Recessed Waste Receptacle
Bobrick B-3644 ClassicSeries® Recessed Waste Receptacle

Save valuable floor space with the Bobrick 3644 ClassicSeries® Recessed Waste Receptacle. Stainless steel, satin-finish receptacle is recess-mounted with a seamless beveled flange. A removable, 12-gal. (45.4-L) receptacle locks into cabinet. Requires a rough wall opening of 16″ W, 29 1/4″ H, 4″, minimum depth (405 x 745 x 100mm).

B-277 Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle with LinerMate
Bobrick B-277 ConturaSeries® Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle with LinerMate®

The sleek lines of the ConturaSeries®
Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle with LinerMate® look great in any restroom. Stainless steel in a satin finish with a hemmed top edge and recessed finger grip for safe handling. Capacity: 12.75-gal. (48.3-L), measures 15 1/8″ W, 23″ H, 8 1/2″ D (385 x 585 x 215mm).

Bobrick B-220816 Foot-Operated Waste Receptacle, 8-Gallon

Get classic waste management and keep it hands-free with this Foot Operated Waste Receptacle. With pedestal for foot operation, this generous 8 gallon waste bin is stainless steel with a satin-finish and features an integrated liner clamp. Capacity 8-gal. (30.3-L), measures 11-3/8″ (288mm) wide, 12-5/8″ (321mm) in depth and 21″ (533mm) high.

B-35639 TrimLineSeries™ Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle with Disposal Door
Bobrick B-35639 TrimLineSeries™ Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle with Disposal Door

Increase accessibility in your restroom with the ADA-compliant TrimLineSeries™
Surface-Mounted Waste Receptacle with Disposal Door. Surface-mounted unit constructed of all-welded, satin-finish heavy-gauge stainless steel. Door is secured to cabinet with a concealed, full-length stainless steel piano-hinge, cable door-swing limiter and equipped with a tumbler lock that is flush with door. Self-closing panel covers disposal opening, and removable skirt for optional recessed mounting. Capacity of 3-gal (11.3-L), measures 14-3/16″ W x 28-3/16″ H x 4-1/2″ D (360 x 715 x 115mm).

B-529 Countertop-Mounted Circular Waste Chute
Bobrick B-529 Countertop-Mounted Circular Waste Chute

The space-saving Countertop Mount Circular Waste Chute makes it simple to manage waste. The bright-polished stainless steel waste chute features a rolled flange for safety and has a chute depth of 5″ (130mm) to feed waste to a receptacle (not provided) placed under countertop. Measures Outside diameter 6 15/16″ (175mm), 5 1/2″ (140mm) diam. inside; requires a rough countertop cut-out of 5 5/8″ diameter (140mm).

ASI 1000 Circular Countertop Waste Chute - 6"

The ASI 100 Circular Countertop Waste Chute delivers waste to a receptacle (not provided) placed underneath the chute. Made of heavy gauge stainless steel with rolled flange and satin finish on all exposed surfaces. Measures 6″ diameter.

ASI 0458 Semi-Recessed Waste Receptacle - 12 Gallon

Semi-Recessed Waste Receptacle has a capacity of 12 gal (46 litres). Frame, waste receptacle and cabinet are fabricated of 22 gauge stainless steel alloy 18-8, type 304. Waste receptacle has hemmed edges for safety and internal hooks for hanging a reusable vinyl bag (optional, 58-PY for 12 gal). A tumbler lock secures receptacle, container locks into cabinet, removable for servicing. 4″ recessed, 4″ projects from wall.

ASI 04733 Waste Receptacle - Recessed Mount - 3 Gallon

This recess-mounted 3-Gallon Waste Receptacle saves floor space while managing large quantities of waste. Features a self-closing push door to cover receptacle opening. Unit has a removable 3 gal. (11.4 L) stainless steel waste receptacle. With locking door to access container for maintenance. Measures 14-1/4 (362mm) W x 28″ (711mm) H.

ASI 6459 Simplicity Collection Waste Receptacle - Recessed

The classic and simple lines of the Simplicity Collection Recessed Waste Receptacle add function and beauty to your restroom. Stainless steel waste receptacle holds 4 gal. (15 L) of waste and has a self-closing panel to cover opening. Cabinet door is secured with a tumbler lock to prevent unauthorized access. Fabricated of heavy duty corrosion resistant steel with a handle for easy grip. Measures 14-1/4 (362mm) W x 28″ (711mm) H.

Frost 400– Combination Dispenser/Disposal Fixtures
Frost 400-A – Combination Dispenser/Disposal Fixture

The choice for high traffic areas, the Combination Dispenser/Disposal Fixture from Frost handles all your needs in one unit. The 400-A combines a paper towel dispenser with a safety guarded saw tooth cutting bar with and generous 32 litre capacity removable leak-proof roto-moulded liner for waste. Universal paper towel dispenser accepts all standard single fold and roll towels. The stainless steel, type 304 dispense/dispose combo has full length stainless steel piano hinges for easy maintenance access, and a counterbalanced 20 gauge steel door for maximum fire protection. Capacity of 32 litre capacity (7 gal. imp., 8.5 gal. US), measures 6.125″ D x 13.75″ W x 57.5″ H, weighs 41 lbs. (18.5 kg.). Also available in semi-and-fully recessed versions.

400B: Stainless type 304 semi recessed
400C: Stainless type 304 surface mounted

Frost 422-70 – Hands Free Combination Towel/Waste Receptacle

The Frost 422-70 Hands-Free Combination Towel Waste Receptacle gives guests a hygienic hands-free combination of drying and dispensing. This semi-recessed combination dispense /waste receptacle mounts in any wall configuration requiring a minimum of 4″ depth. Towel dispenser has a large detection zone to sense when hand is placed under dispenser and delivers a 6-9” length of towel, quiet and uniformly. Saves money by reducing paper flow and provides maximum hygiene for guests. Operates with 4 “D” size alkaline batteries, tested to provide 35,000 hand dries; or plug in AC adapter with cord length of 105″ (2.66m). Designed to dispense jumbo roll towels max. 8″ diameter (4″ reserve roll), core size of 1-3/8″ and greater. Waste receptacle features a cabinet door with keyed tumbler lock and full length stainless steel piano hinges. Semi recessed design gives you more capacity in less space with an extra-large removable waste receptacle for easy maintenance. Includes standard bag holder apparatus. Constructed from welded stainless steel with locking removable wastebin. Recessed wall body and waste container are 22 gauge stainless steel type 430 brushed finish. Capacity 11 gal. (50 litres), measures 9.25″ D x 17.25″ W x 56″ H, weighs 50 lbs. (22.67 kg.) / 58 lbs. (26.3 kg.). Also available in recessed or surface-mount models:

422-70A: Stainless steel type 430, Recessed 4″
422-70C: Stainless steel type 430, Surface Mounted

Frost 410-A – Combination Dispenser/Disposal Fixture

Great for sites with low traffic areas, the Frost 410-A Combination Dispenser/Disposal Fixture provides hand drying and waste disposal in one handy unit. Includes a Universal paper towel dispenser will accept all standard single fold and roll towels. The product will hold a standard package of multifold or single fold towels, which is approximately 250 towels. Dispenser has stainless steel (safety guarded) saw tooth cutting bar. Secured with two tumbler keyed locks. All doors are hinged with full length stainless steel piano hinges. Constructed of heavy duty 18 gauge stainless steel, recessed body of 20 gauge corrosion resistant galvanized stee. Counter balanced stainless steel door (20 gauge) provides maximum fire protection, mounted with full length piano hinge. Removable leak proof roto moulded liner. Capacity: 16.5 litre capacity (3.6 imp. gal. 4.4 US gallons), measures 6.1″D x 13.75″W x 38.25″H, weighs 29 lbs. (13.1 kg.). Also available in semi-recessed and surface mounted models:

410-B: Stainless type 304 semi recessed
410-C: Stainless type 304 surface mounted

Frost 301-NL – Free Standing Waste Receptacle

The Frost 301-NL Free Standing Waste Receptacle is suitable for virtually any application. The medium size garbage cans fit under most countertops and the all metal construction withstands rugged use and is ideally suited to fire protection. Stylish all welded construction of 22 gauge cold rolled steel waste receptacle has a rounded, soft-edge design and is finished in hybrid epoxy polyester powder paint and black vinyl trim. Includes a standard bag holder and recessed feet for easier maintenance. Capacity 80 litres (21 US,17.5 imp. gal.), measures 13.25″L x 14.25″W x 34.75″H. Custom-order light weight 26 gauge galvanized steel liner provides extra fire protection (minimum order applies).

Frost 303-3-NL – Wall Mounted Waste Receptacle
Frost 303-NL – Wall Mounted Waste Receptacle

Save floor space in medium to light duty areas with the Frost 303-NL Wall Mounted Waste Receptacle. All steel garbage can provides maximum fire protection with no openings on sides or bottom of unit and tight sealing head and spring loaded door to promote oxygen starvation. Comes with standard bag holder apparatus. Body constructed of 22 gauge steel, head with 20 gauge steel in white epoxy powder finish. Capacity: 50 litres (13.2 US, 11 imp. gal.), recommended bag size: 26″ x 36″; measures 15.75″ L x 8″ W x 33″ H, weighs 18 lbs. (8.2 kg.). Also available with optional galvanized liner for added insulative fire protection.

303: White epoxy finish with galvanized liner

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