The modern styling and easy-to-clean surface of the ASI 9012 Horizontal Baby Changing Station makes it a great ADA-compliant option for any restroom. This surface-mounted station is made of 100% high-density polyethylene, supports a load of 300 lbs (136 kg) and is only 4″ (102 mm) deep when closed. Platform is shaped to cradle a child’s body and can be easily opened and closed with one hand anywhere on top or front edge or using bag hooks/hand grips on sides, it uses less than 5 lb of force to operate. Features a built-in bed liner/towel dispenser to provide single fresh liner to each user for hygiene and convenience. Secure unit has an adjustable safety strap with Sure-Lock latch that won’t open unless released by opposing finger pressure by adult caretaker. Liners/ towels are easily replenished by service personnel as required. Measures ?