A durable, low cost and high-performance partition that provides an excellent value in partitions. At approximately a half to a third the cost of other materials, Hadrian’s metal toilet partitions are highly fire resistant so they’re ideal in environments like schools or stadiums. They are light and workable so they require shorter lead times – a benefit if you are on a tight schedule. Contain 50% (36% post-consumer and 14% pre-consumer) recycled content so they make a great choice when environmental sensitivity is important. Available with privacy options, these metal partitions are powder coated with an organic polymer for a durable and beautiful finish that is resistant to abrasions, chemical detergents or acids as well as vandalism. Hadrian also offers special effect and anti-graffiti options.

Hadrian Powder Coated Metal-Headrail Braced

Style Options

Hadrian’s standard series features 58″ (1473mm) high doors and panels, which are mounted 12” (305mm) above the finished floor. The series is available in Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted and Floor to Ceiling styles.

Hadrian’s Elite Series offers increased privacy with 64″ (1626mm) high doors and panels, mounted just 6″ (152mm) or 9″ (229mm) above the finished floor. Continuous channels eliminate all sightline gaps.  Available in Headrail Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted and Floor to Ceiling Styles.

Hadrian’s Elite Plus System affords maximum privacy with 72″ (1829mm) high doors and panels, mounted just 6″ (152mm) or 9″ (229mm) above the finished floor. Continuous channels eliminate all sightline gaps. System is available in headrail braced and floor to ceiling styles.

Elite Max toilet partitions. For the height of privacy, 92-inch-high doors, panels mounted 4″ (102mm), 6″ (152mm) or 9” (229mm) above the finished floor, and the continuous stop, hinge filler and continuous channel made to match the height of the partition. Available in Headrail Braced and Floor-to-Ceiling styles.

Wall Mount Privacy Screens. A simple and economical design features a 48″ (1219mm) high screen, which meets International Plumbing Code (IPC) requirements and permits easy maintenance and floor cleaning.

Floor Mounted Privacy Screens: Features a 58″ (1473mm) high screen and floor mounted pilaster for extra support.


Mounting Options:

No matter what your installation requires, Hadrian offers multiple mounting options to suit your specific needs. Choose from Headrail Brace, Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted or Floor To Ceiling mounts to make your toilet partition installation perfect.

Privacy Options:

Privacy is critical so Hadrian offers multiple options to ensure their partitions deliver. Hadrian’s No Sightline Solution completely eliminates sightline gaps around doors with high side fillers and full height continuous stops. Features no exposed fasteners on exteriors for a clean look. Available for Standard, Elite and Elite Plus and can be used in new or pre-existing installs


Hadrian offers a number of upgrade options to outfit your restroom area:

  • Heavy duty continuous hinges
  • Stainless steel hardware package featuring:
  • Stamped stainless steel, #4 brushed pilaster, panel and screen brackets
  • Cast stainless steel, #4 brushed wrap-around door hinges
  • Stainless steel, #4 brushed TR-27 6-lobe security screws
  • Stainless steel, #4 brushed pilaster shoes


Full height Continuous Channels to eliminate gaps from panel to pilaster, panel to wall and pilaster to wall

Junior Height Toilet Partitions

Anti-Graffiti Partitions: Allow use of commercial graffiti removers to eliminate the mess without damaging finish, with the graffiti resistant properties built right in to the durable powder coated finish. The anti graffiti lockers and partitions fit all budgets and have proven AST D6578 Graffiti Resistance to easily remove permanent marker, lipstick, water based ink marker, wax crayon and spray paint. Available in 4 neutral colours: Kilim Beige, Dovetail, Desert and Tricorn Black


Colour Options

Anti-Graffiti Colours

Special Effects Colours