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Frost 1055

Site Location: These units are highly recommended by barrier-free design experts because they provide the optimum approach path for wheelchair use. Consult applicable codes for specific requirements.

Features: Tubing is either 16 gauge type 304 1-1/4″ O.D. (outside diameter) stainless steel with exposed surfaces in polished satin finish or 16 gauge steel with white finish. Swing up bar is only as strong as the wall and anchors to which it is attached. Grab bar must be securely fastened to wall to withstand the load it is intended to support. The Code 1055 series of bars will sustain loads of 250 lbs under it’s intended use. Units must be secured and anchored to wall or approved carrier according to installation specifications by a qualified tradesperson. Mandrel bending process on all curves maintains uniform bar diameter. Grab bar is manually lowered to horizontal support position and raised for departure. A locking system enables the flip up grab bar to be locked in either a horizontal or retracted position

Installation: Secure to wall where adequate in wall backing exists. Use wall plate as a template to locate mounting holes. Drill holes and set anchors as appropriate. Mount grab bar and secure mounting screws. The 1055 flip up grab bar will sustain loads of 250 lbs. and greater. Also the types of loads (especially dynamic) applied are hard to predict. It’s up to the designer to determine the suitability of the use of these grab bars in this situation. Caution: The grab bar is only as strong as the anchors and wall to which it is attached and therefore must be firmly secured in order to sustain the load(s) for which it is intended. We suggest installation by a qualified tradesperson.