Solid plastic partitions are an excellent choice of materials and offer a mid-range cost and a better fire rating. Plastic partitions are extremely durable so they are perfect for environments where they are likely to take a lot of abuse like stadiums, airports or parks. They contain a minimum of 30% pre-consumer recycled material and won’t delaminate dent flake, crack or break. Feature a solid core without air pockets, certified Class B fire rating and ASTM 84 requirements. Easily maintained with a 25-year warrant against breakage delaminating or corrosion. Hadrian Plastic Toilet partitions feature a sold core and are easy to clean which is ideal in harsh environments. The easy-to-install cap-over headrail has a snap-fit design and the 3” H (76 mm) stainless steel anchor shoes make installation easy. When using Ceiling Hung and Floor-to-Ceiling mounts, 4” shoes are required. Plastic partitions have theft-proof fasteners with 6 lobe security head stainless steel screws to deter vandalism and can also be installed with a Heavy-Duty Aluminum Hardware including 8” (203 mm) round barrel hinges, 6” (152 mm) stop and keeper, black unlatch with emergency access, full height channels at panel to pilaster, three brackets at panel to wall and pilaster to wall connections and #4 brushed shoes.

Hadrian HDPE Headrail Braced Partitions


Aluminum Hardware Standard with Heavy-duty aluminum 8″ (203mm) round barrel hinges, 6″ (152mm) aluminum stop and keeper, black anodized latch with emergency access feature, full height aluminum channels at panel to pilaster connection, three heavy-duty aluminum brackets at panel to wall and pilaster to wall connections and #4 brushed stainless steel shoes.


Continuous Hinge – heavy duty 14- gauge continuous hinge measures 54” (1372 mm) to cover full height of door

Full Height Aluminum Channels – to eliminate gaps for all panel to pilaster, panel to wall and pilaster to wall connections

Stainless Steel Hardware – Full height channels, stainless steel continuous hinge, latch, stop and keeper and #4 brushes shoes

Plastic Hardware – Full height channels to cover all sightline gaps coloured to match or compliment your partitions

Integral Hinge – Featuring a hinge pin and bottom cam recessed into door and pilaster to eliminate exposed fasteners; the internal hinge is available in headrail braced mountings only.

Colour Options