Hadrian Stainless Steel Partitions

The beauty and durability of stainless steel makes it an excellent choice. Corrosion resistant to chemical cleaners, spray washing and sanitizing products and offers the most fire-resistant partition material. Contains 91% (76% post-consumer and 15% pre-consumer) recycled content so it is an excellent environmental choice. Stainless steel toilet partitions provide a modern and clean appearance and come in a #4 brushed finish or embossed pattern.

Hadrian Stainless Steel Partitions feature a full corner weld and locking bar edge moulding for a hygienic seal and clean appearance with doors, panels and pilasters structurally reinforced with 0.5” (13mm) cell vertical honeycomb bonded throughout the entire core for enhanced strength, sound absorption and impact resistance. Additional features provide for exceptional functionality, style and accessibility like Hadrian’s Thumbturn lever that activates without finger griping and conforms to ADA barrier-free requirements. The standard and barrier-free latch designs both allow emergency access from the exterior and feature a minimal design for vandalism resistance. Hadrian’s #4 brush finished stamped stainless steel brackets extend the look and performance of stainless steel to the details of the installation. Wrap-around hinges ensure durability and are available in standard anodized or brush finish to complement the look of stainless-steel partitions while a metal cored upper hinge pin ensures support and smooth door operation. With double-ridge, anti-grip headrail design, pilaster shoes in polished or #4 brushed finishes, and theft-proof fasteners in chrome or stainless and flat coat hook.

Hadrian Stainless Steel - Headrail Braced

Style Options


Headrail braced compartments are a great choice for virtually any facility. These units are especially recommended in heavy-use areas such as schools, institutions and industrial settings. The anti-grip top rail deters boisterous activity while ensuring a rigid and secure installation.

Ceiling hung units present a clean, contemporary appearance. They permit quick, easy floor maintenance, especially when combined with wall-hung fixtures. Ceiling hung partitions are recommended for modernization where a drop ceiling or open span construction can be used.

Floor mounted units lend an air of spaciousness to installations. The absence of top structure makes them the ideal choice for high ceiling areas and allows a wide range of complementary architectural and interior decoration possibilities.

Floor to ceiling units are extremely strong and resistant to abuse as they are securely connected to the floor, ceiling and walls. This configuration is ideal for high abuse areas and installations that require extra durability.


Hadrian offers a number of upgrades for your partitions.

Continuous Hinge – Stainless steel hinge covers full door height and obstructs sightlines on hinge side of door

Continuous Channels – Full height continuous stainless-steel channels are available for all connections that match partitions and eliminate site lines.

Junior Height Toilet Partitions A great option for pre-schools and other facilities that cater to young children, featuring smaller than normal doors (just 48” high) with height pilasters; available in headrail braced and floor mounted styles.


Hadrian offers three attractive options in stainless steel partitions:



Type 304, #4 brushed stainless steel promotes a hygienic environment while offering excellent corrosion resistance and a clean, modern appearance.

Embossed Stainless Steel – Unique textured pattern of embossed stainless-steel offers added protection against abrasions, smudges and fingerprints.

Hybrid Stainless Steel – The best of both finishes, stainless steel compartments feature an embossed interior for increased protection against vandalism and a #4 brushed finish on the exterior to maintain a clean, smooth appearance on the outside.

Special finishes (such as leather-grain) are available.