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Frost 941-FT

Code 941-1624FT: 16″w x 24″h, fixed tilt Code 941-1630FT: 16″w x 30″h, fixed tilt Code 941-1824FT: 18″w x 24″h, fixed tilt Code 941-1830FT: 18″w x 30″h, fixed tilt Code 941-1836FT: 18″w x 36″h, fixed tilt Code 941-2424FT: 24″w x 24″h, fixed tilt Code 941-2430FT: 24″w x 30″h, fixed tilt Code 941-2436FT: 24″w x 36″h, fixed tilt
Product Number: 941-FT

Site Location: The 941 fixed tilt mirror is ideal for any barrier free location.

Features: One piece 24 ga. stainless steel channel frame provides rigid assembly. Comes in bright annealed finish. Fixed tilt frame is one piece 20 ga. stainless steel. Vandal resistant concealed mounting. Standard float glass with shock resistant primary back. Full galvanized back panel.

Shipping Weight: Code 941-1824, 10 kg. (23 lbs.), shipped two per carton.

Installation: Position bottom of mirror 48″ (121) from floor. Positions may vary depending on size and the type of installation.