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Frost 625

Stainless steel coverall design.
Product Number: 625

Site Location: Ideal for high traffic areas requiring hands free operation.

Features: Door is opened when hand is placed within 4” (10 cm) of sensor in door opening area and remains open for 5 seconds there after. Counterbalanced door swings freely in the event of depleted or missing batteries. Unit is powered by 4 “c” alkaline batteries (not included). Battery life is 10,000 cycles, or 2 years.
Polyethylene leakproof liner capacity: 5.1 litres. (1.1 imp. gal.)

Materials: All metal construction, stainless steel cover all design.

Shipping weight: 8.5 lbs. (4 kg).

Installation: For unrestricted access, sensor area of unit to floor should not exceed 48″ (120 cm). Mounting screws and instructions included.