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Frost 310-S

Large capacity all stainless steel waste receptacle
Product Number: 310S

Site Location: This free standing waste container is ideal for high traffic areas requiring the quality and durability of an all stainless unit without the commitment of wall mounting. The 310 offers clean geometric design lines with radius corners, ideal for lobbies and reception areas.

Features: Garbage can is all stainless steel construction, number 4 brushed finish. Spun 18 ga. type 304 stainless steel top. One piece roll formed 22 gauge stainless steel body. 22 ga. stainless steel spun bottom. Garbage can comes with standard bag holder apparatus.

Volume: 125 litres (27.5 Imp. gal., 33 gal. US).

Packaging: Shipped in a durable corrugated container. Body comes with a protective plastic to be removed after installation.